Girl Scouts Program

Earn Your Dancer Badge at our Studio!!

At Mulford Dance Studio we provide the opportunity for your troop to earn dance badges by participating in a formal dance class.

We charge a small fee per girl- $5 for Daisies, $6 for Brownies, $7 for Juniors, $8 for Girl Scouts. We also have special dance patches available for $4 each.

We can work with each individual troop for the best times- depending on availability.


Upon arriving to the studio please check in at the front desk. We have a short form for you to fill out which includes the leader giving permission for photos of the girls to be used on social media and internet [We will not use last names on social media].

Upon arriving, we will also ask for list of names for each girl participating as we present them with a certificate of participation at the end of the class.

One note- Please let us know if your group should drop below 6 participants as we may have to reschedule the class or combine with another troop.

We look forward to dancing with you & your troop!

*We accept cash/credit card for payment options.